Damon System

An ordinary metal bracket has to be “tied in” or secured to the arch wire with elastic bands or small stainless steel wires. The Damon bracket is self-ligating, meaning it has a built in “sliding door” that secures the bracket to the wire.

The impact of this difference is that instead of using elastic bands that grab the wire, the self-ligating bracket allows the wire to slide through the braces freely. This translates into less pressure, more comfort, and potentially faster treatment for you.

Temporary Anchorage Device

We are employing an advanced technology that is rapidly changing the way orthodontics is practiced.  It involves a uniquely designed mini screw for use in temporary skeletal anchorage.

What is it?

Mini-screws, also known as TADs (temporary skeletal anchorage devices), are made from medical-grade titanium.  When placed strategically in the mouth, they service as stable anchors during orthodontic treatment.  Anchorage control is a critical factor in nearly every orthodontic case.  Before TADs, treatment suffered from unwanted reciprocal tooth movement in spite of our best efforts to counteract it with a variety of uncomfortable and unsightly appliances.

What are the benefits?

Enhanced patient comfort

Reduced need for compliance

Shorter treatment times

Eliminate the need for troublesome appliances, such as headgear, facemask and holding arches

They often (not always) allow us to avoid more costly and painful procedures such as extractions, endodontic therapy and orthognathic surgery

Best of all, the procedure to place TADs is safe and painless and we perform it chairside in our office.

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