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Invisalign is the treatment of choice for patients who want to achieve a beautiful straight smile without wearing highly visible braces. Clear braces are the number one socially acceptable way to straighten your smile.

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One of the main concerns people have when considering orthodontic treatment is the aesthetic impact of metal braces and their smile. In particular for adults, the thought of wearing fixed metal braces for long periods of time can be a non starter. Invisalign clear braces provides a practically invisible treatment to align teeth fast. The aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear, removable and contain no metal at all.

How much does clear braces treatment cost?

Treatment costs vary because the treatment is designed for each individual patient.  The cost ranges from £3000 – £5000 based on a 12 – 18 month treatment plan. For small adjustments costs can be as low as £1500. Treatment can be for top and bottom teeth or top or bottom teeth only. We offer monthly payment plans with interest free finance. Patients can also use dental insurance towards the cost of their treatment. Our goal is to make treatment accessible to all patients.

The treatment is made up of a set of custom made aligning trays. These are changed every 7 – 14 days as advised by your dentist and treatment plan. Trays are changed every few weeks in order to fit new tooth configurations. As well as the obvious lifestyle benefits, clear aligners can be removed for special occasions which means that treatment is under your control and choice. More than 6 million have achieved a beautifully aligned smile thanks to Invisalign. The satisfaction rate is extremely high throughout the duration of treatment, as are with the stunning results after completion of treatment.

Which conditions can Invisalign treat?

Clear aligners can correct all of the same problems which can be treated by traditional orthodontics, the only difference being that aligners are virtually undetectable and can be removed as desires.

Here are some common concerns treated with Invisalign:

Crowded teeth – this occurs when there is insufficient space for teeth to align naturally. Overcrowding means it’s harder to maintain good oral cleaning and hygiene which and can therefore lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Gaps – gaps between the teeth can occur because teeth are missing or if the jaw has continued to grow meaning there is too much space.

Cross bite – this is a common condition and appears when a single or multiple upper teeth bite inside of the lower teeth. As well as aesthetic concerns, this can lead to uneven wear, stress and gum disease.

Over bite – this occurs when the upper teeth project too far beyond the lower teeth. Overbites can lead to jaw pain and TMJ.

Under bite – this is the opposite to an over bite, and occurs where the lower teeth project beyond the upper teeth. This can also lead to jaw pain and TMJ.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

There are a choice of treatments to re-align the teeth, all achieve the same goal but work in different ways and with different benefits. Invisalign is different from other treatments in that the trays are fully removable, although there are obvious benefits, it also means that patients must be diligent to ensure that they achieve the minimum required wear time of 22 hours per day. Most patients achieve this goal easily as the aligners are comfortable and easily fit into their lifestyle.

What is treatment like?

The first step is to book a free consultation, or smile assessment. You will be able to see a digital simulation of your smile from start to finish. At your appointment we will prepare a full treatment plan and provide your treatment pricing and payment options. After the planning stage, your custom aligners will be manufactured and sent to our dental suite. The actual number of trays needed varies for each patient but 20-30 per upper or lower arch is common.

What are the lifestyle benefits?

Wearing clear braces can take a few weeks to get used to. Trays must be worn continuously, except when eating and drinking (apart from drinking water). You will need to take out your aligners when eating or drinking because food can become trapped and biting on the aligner surfaces can cause cracks and breakages which is not ideal.

You will follow your treatment plan and change up to the next aligner in the sequence every 1 – 2 weeks. You will be able to see your progress from week to week which is very motivating as your new smile is developing.

Clear braces have revolutionised orthodontic treatment and opened up a new lifestyle treatment for those who would never have considered metalwork on their teeth. Clear aligners are proven to be effective, comfortable and hassle free.

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