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Find out why more than 6 million people have chosen Invisalign across the world. Clear braces are the number one socially acceptable method to get straight teeth. Many people want straight teeth, but not everyone is willing to have metal braces fitted for 12 – 18 months. This is especially true for adults as for teenagers it is very common to wear braces. For this reason many adults rule out the option of metal braces.

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Your smile is an asset and not something that should be hidden. The lifestyle benefits of Invisalign are second to none. As well as being invisible, the aligners are removable so you can enjoy all your favourite meals and drinks, and special occasions are perfectly fine too.

The Invisalign system is composed of a set of clear aligners which are custom made as per your treatment plan and i-tero scanning. The aligners will take you through from start to finish and your new smile. The treatment has an extremely high satisfaction rating, both the the stunning results achieved and also throughout treatment for ease and comfort and being able to enjoy your usual routine without any restrictions.

How much does invisible orthodontics treatment cost?

Invisalign treatment costs vary because the treatment is a custom treatment. As a guide the cost ranges between £3000 – £5000 for a 12 – 18 month treatment plan. For minor adjustments the cost can be as low as £1500. Treatment can be for top and bottom teeth combined or top or bottom teeth only. We provide monthly payment plans with interest free options as we want to make treatment affordable for all our patients. Dental insurance can also be used towards the cost of your treatment.

Is treatment suitable for me?

The technology corrects the same orthodontic concerns as traditional fixed metal braces, the only difference is that clear aligners are virtually invisible.

Here are some examples which can be treated:

Overcrowding – teeth will be forced together and into different misaligned angles if there is not enough room on the upper or lower jaws. As crowding makes it hard to clean properly, this can also lead to discolouration, staining, tooth decay and gum disease.

Gaps – small and large gabs can occur when teeth are either missing or if the jaw has continued to grow leading to more space being created.

Crossbite – this is a common dental concern where one or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth. This can cause wear, erosion and gum disease.

Overbite – this happens when the upper teeth project beyond or past the lower set of teeth. This can cause pain and TMJ.

Underbite – this is the inverse to an overbite, and happens when the lower teeth project beyond or past the upper teeth. Likewise this can cause pain and TMJ.

What are the advantages of treatment?

The key advantages of clear braces are the lifestyle benefits. Treatment is considered to be the only socially acceptable way to straighten you smile.

Because the trays are fully removable, you can still eat and drink all of your favourite meals and drinks. Some dentists also consider that a more refined and straighter smile can be achieved with Invisalign compared to traditional style braces.

What does treatment entail?

The first step is to have a consultation, at which time we will discuss your objectives and treatment options. You will be able to see our before and after gallery and actually try on or preview your new smile thanks to our digital simulation technology. We will advise on and provide a full treatment plan which can be for your upper and lower teeth or both combined. We will provide a full cost for your treatment and detail our payment and insurance options. We provide monthly payment options as we wish to make treatment accessible to all our patients. Your smile is your asset and cost should not be a barrier.

Once your treatment plan is confirmed your aligners will be produced and sent directly to our practice. The number of aligners needed for your treatment will depend on your personal requirements but typically range from 20 – 30.

We will demonstrate the use and care of your aligners which you will need to wear for 22 hours per day to ensure results are achieved. Wearing aligners is easy and hassle free. They are fully removable which makes cleaning and care easy, as well as being easy to clean your own teeth as you can simply do this in the normal way.

You will change up around every 2 weeks to the next tray in the sequence, as per your treatment plan. Clear braces have been a huge innovation in the world of orthodontics and are renowned for the lifestyle advantages, comfort and effectiveness.

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