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For many people Invisalign clear braces is the best most socially acceptable way to straighten their teeth. The thought of having metal braces fitted to their teeth for 12 to 18 months is very unattractive and therefore not an appealing choice. Clear braces give patients the luxury of re-aligning their teeth with invisible orthodontics.

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Treatment is fast and is based on a set of custom produced clear aligner trays made of plastic. Patients wear each tray for 7 – 14 days and then move up to the next aligner in the sequence. These trays re-align teeth gradually to their new desired optimal positions. Patients are free to remove their trays for important occasions if they wish, and the lifestyle advantages of clear braces are very appealing. Many people report complete satisfaction during their treatment and their new smile.

How much does Invisalign treatment cost?

Invisalign treatment costs vary as the treatment is a custom treatment based on individual patient requirements. As a guide the cost ranges from £3000 – £5000 for a 12 – 18 month treatment plan. For minor adjustments the cost can be as low as £1500. Top and bottom teeth can be treated together or top or bottom teeth only depending on requirements. We provide monthly payment plans with interest free finance. Our objective is to make treatment affordable for all our patients. Health and dental insurance can also be used towards the cost of your treatment further reducing the cost.

Are clear braces right for me?

Some dentists consider clear braces to be superior to traditional metal braces, indeed all orthodontic concerns can be treated with Invisalign. Commonly corrected problems include:

Crowded teeth – teeth can become crowded if there is not enough space on the upper or lower jaws to accommodate all permanent teeth. Crowded teeth are also very hard to look after and clean so this can lead to staining, tooth decay and gum disease

Large gaps – gaps can occur between teeth if there are missing teeth or if upper or lower jaws have  continued to grow.

Crossbite – this is a common orthodontic concern and is present when a single or multiple upper teeth bite inside of the lower teeth. This can lead to uneven wear, erosion and gum disease.

Overbite – this occurs the upper teeth project beyond or over the lower teeth, this can lead to jaw pain and TMJ.

Underbite – this is the opposite to an overbite, and is when the lower teeth project beyond or over the upper teeth, this again can lead to jaw pain and TMJ.

What are the advantages of clear braces?

Clear braces offer many advantages compared to fixed metal braces. These include lifestyle benefits such as being practically invisible, in addition to being smooth and comfortable to wear. The trays are fully removable so it’s fast and easy to clean your teeth, and you’re less likely to get staining or discolouration as a result. And as the trays are fully removable, you can take them at meal times and still enjoy all your favourite meals and drinks – without any restrictions.

How can I find out more?

Your first step is to contact us for a free smile assessment. We will discuss your smile and requirements and how clear braces can help you achieve your ideal smile. We will take itero images which will allow us to prepare your digital smile simulation. This will enable you to actually see your new smile from start to finish.

Invisalign is a custom treatment so at your smile assessment we will be able to provide you with a full treatment plan and quotation. We offer monthly payment plans and insurance cover can also be used towards the cost of treatment.

Upon starting your treatment plan, your custom aligners will be ordered and produced. They will then be sent to our practice where you will attend your first treatment appointment. At this time we will demonstrate the use and care of your aligners. Patients are frequently surprised and delighted at just how invisible the aligners are.

The number of trays required will depend on your individual requirements, the average is 20 – 30. We also provide Invisalign Full, Teen, Lite and i7. We will be able to advise on which system is right for you.

Patients find they quickly get used to wearing their aligners and talking. They will need to be worn for 22 hours a day, and only removed when eating and drinking and brushing your teeth. If you are drinking water, you don’t need to remove your aligners.

You will be able to see your new smile developing which is very encouraging and motivating for patients. We look forward to welcoming you to our Slough practice.

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